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Partnership Agreement (PA) 2014-2020

The PA (Partnership Agreement for the Development Framework) 2014-2020 constitutes the main strategic plan for growth in Greece with the contribution of significant resources originating from the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) of the European Union. Moreover, the PA 2014-2020 is called upon to help attain the national targets within the Europe 2020 Strategy. The target of the Europe 2020 Strategy is to foster growth that is:
smart, with more efficient investments in education, research and innovation;sustainable, because of the decisive shift to a low carbon economy, andinclusive, focusing especially on job creation and poverty reduction.

The PA vision of growth
"To contribute to revitalising the Greek economy through the recovery and upgrading of the productive and social fabric of Greece and the creation and maintenance of the sustainable jobs, spearheaded by outward looking, innovative and competitive entrepreneurship and on the basis of reinforcing social cohesion and the principles of sustainable development."

Financing priorities
1. Enhancing business competitiveness and extroversion, shifting to qualitative entrepreneurship spearheaded by innovation and higher domestic added value
Transition to high added value activitiesCreation of a business friendly environment to attract investmentsCapitalising on research and innovation to strengthen the competitiveness of new and existing businesses

2. Development and utilisation of human resource abilities – active social inclusion
Education and life-long learningDevelopment of human resources and access to employment focusing on the creation of jobs, especially for young peoplePromotion of social inclusion and combating poverty

3. Protection of the environment – Transition to a more environmentally friendly economy
Protection of the environmentFostering climate change adaptation and risk preventionShift to a low carbon economy

4. Development – modernisation – completion of infrastructures for economic and social growth
Transport networks focusing on the completion of the Trans-European Transport Networks, with vertical axes and multi-modal transportEnergy networksBroadband networks

5. Improvement of the institutional capacity and the efficiency of public administration and local government


Sectoral OPs

  • Operational Programme "Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation" (EPAnEK)
  • Transport Infrastructure, Environment and Sustainable Development Operational Programme (YMEPERAA)
  • Human Resources Development – Education and Life Long Learning Operational Programme
  • Reform of the Public Sector Operational Programme
  • Technical Assistance Operational Programme
  • Rural Development Programme (RDP) on a national level
  • Fisheries and Maritime Operational Programme

Additionally, if you are interested in PA's projects with maps and figures, you can click here.

Funding Programmes PA-EPAnEK-2014-2020

Open Calls:

  • Establishment of Young Farmers- Budget:17.000 Euro- 22.000 Euro

Upcoming Calls (2016-2017): 

  • Upgrading existing medium-sized enterprises- Total Budget: 70.000.000 Euro
  • Development clusters, meta-clusters and other structures of active entrepreneurship support- Total Budget: 45.000.000 Euro
  • Strengthening business partnerships with research entities- Total Budget: 370.000.000 Euro
  • Creation of local scope business parks- Total Budget: 40.000.000 Euro
  • Strengthening environmental industry- Total Budget: 30.000.000 Euro
  • Strengthening the foundation of new tourist facilities or expansion of existing- Total Budget: 240.000.000 Euro
  • Entrepreneurship development of existing and start-up Social Cooperative Enterprises (Koin.S.Ep.) - Total Budget: 31.000.000 Euro 
  • Businesses upgrading of the cultural and creative industries- Total Budget: 40.000.000 Euro
  • Upgrade retail business, catering and private education on the fields of: saving energy, logistics, Information & Communication Technologies- Total Budget: 100.000.000 Euro
  • Extraversion - internationalization of SMEs- Total Budget: 100.000.000 Euro
  • Harnessing Entrepreneurial Experience - Business Reboot- Total Budget: 50.000.000 Euro
  • "Strengthening higher education self-empolyed"
  • "Innovative Entrepreneurship"
  • "Upgrading micro & small existing businesses to develop their capacity in new markets"
  • "Research-Development-Innovation"- Budget: 200.000 Euro- 2.000.000 Euro
  • European S&T Cooperation-Grant Greek organisations involved successfully in common Calls for proposals of European networks ERA NETS


Previous Calls (2015-2016):


  • "Strengthening higher education self-empolyed"- Budget: 25.000 Euro- 50.000 Euro

  • "Innovative Entrepreneurship"- Budget: 15.000 Euro- 60.000 Euro

  • "Strengthening of Tourism SMEs for their modernization and upgrading the quality of service"- Budget: 15.000 Euro- 150.000Euro

  • "Upgrading micro & small existing businesses to develop their capacity in new markets"- Budget: 15.000 Euro- 200.000 Euro 

  • 1st Call for Project Proposals of the BalkanMed Programme- Budget: 20.132.788 Euro