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Calls for Proposals: PA-EPAnEK- 2014-2020

Funding Programmes PA-EPAnEK-2014-2020

Open Calls:

  • Establishment of Young Farmers- Budget:17.000 Euro- 22.000 Euro

Upcoming Calls (2016-2017): 

  • Upgrading existing medium-sized enterprises- Total Budget: 70.000.000 Euro
  • Development clusters, meta-clusters and other structures of active entrepreneurship support- Total Budget: 45.000.000 Euro
  • Strengthening business partnerships with research entities- Total Budget: 370.000.000 Euro
  • Creation of local scope business parks- Total Budget: 40.000.000 Euro
  • Strengthening environmental industry- Total Budget: 30.000.000 Euro
  • Strengthening the foundation of new tourist facilities or expansion of existing- Total Budget: 240.000.000 Euro
  • Entrepreneurship development of existing and start-up Social Cooperative Enterprises (Koin.S.Ep.) - Total Budget: 31.000.000 Euro 
  • Businesses upgrading of the cultural and creative industries- Total Budget: 40.000.000 Euro
  • Upgrade retail business, catering and private education on the fields of: saving energy, logistics, Information & Communication Technologies- Total Budget: 100.000.000 Euro
  • Extraversion - internationalization of SMEs- Total Budget: 100.000.000 Euro
  • Harnessing Entrepreneurial Experience - Business Reboot- Total Budget: 50.000.000 Euro
  • "Strengthening higher education self-empolyed"
  • "Innovative Entrepreneurship"
  • "Upgrading micro & small existing businesses to develop their capacity in new markets"
  • "Research-Development-Innovation"- Budget: 200.000 Euro- 2.000.000 Euro
  • European S&T Cooperation-Grant Greek organisations involved successfully in common Calls for proposals of European networks ERA NETS


Previous Calls (2015-2016):


  • "Strengthening higher education self-empolyed"- Budget: 25.000 Euro- 50.000 Euro

  • "Innovative Entrepreneurship"- Budget: 15.000 Euro- 60.000 Euro

  • "Strengthening of Tourism SMEs for their modernization and upgrading the quality of service"- Budget: 15.000 Euro- 150.000Euro

  • "Upgrading micro & small existing businesses to develop their capacity in new markets"- Budget: 15.000 Euro- 200.000 Euro 

  • 1st Call for Project Proposals of the BalkanMed Programme- Budget: 20.132.788 Euro